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Besides trumpetlessons Guido worked on becoming an orchestral conducter. He gained experience in conducting when he was asked to conduct the youth orchestra of Ons Genoegen Terwolde. Then he conductedthe youth orchestra at the Wijhese Harmonie. He is the musical director of the Tismawajewendband at the moment.

During his bachelor study Guido gained a lot of experience in teaching music. Therefor he had lessons from Susan van Opstal and had a training period with Herman nijkamp.

During his study as well as after he started teaching at several Musical associatons. He gained a lot of experience at these places. with individual as well as group teaching and even teaching in Compulsory school Besides trumpet he also teaches all the other brass instruments. Flugelhorn, French horn, trombone, baritone, Euphonium, Tuba etc.

Besides these instrumental lessons he is also conducting several bands and orchestras. Guido gained experience conducting at Ons Genoegen Terwolde, where he started as substitute. After that he conducted the youth orchestra of Wijhese Harmonie

From october 2013 on he started his own teaching company called Trompetles aan huis. For more information check the trompetles aan huis website

Working experience: 

 Musical associaton From - till  Function 
 Excelsior Westenholte  October 2008 - August 2011 Brass teacher
De Kubus Lelystad  February 2016 - July 2017 Brass teacher Lelystad vol muziek 
 Jubal Zwolle October 2011 - September 2018  Brass teacher
Wijhese Harmonie September 2011 - Januari 2020 Brass teacher
Muzieknetwerk Salland February 2014 - now Brass teacher principal education
Amicitia Boerhaar February 2014 - now Brass teacher
Tismawajewendband June 2016 - now Conductor/bandleader
Vaassens Fanfare Corps September 2016 - September 2022 Brass teacher
Koninklijk Fanfarekops Wilhelmina Heerde September 2017 - now Brass teacher en teacher Wilhelminaband
Ons Genoegen Terwolde September 2019 - now Brass teacher
Holtense Muziekvereniging January 2019 - now Brass teacher
Advendo Lochem January 2019 - now Conductor Blaasbende and Leerlingenorkest
Sempre Crescendo Diepenveen January 20220 - now Conductor Jong Sempre and blazersklas (2.0)
Excelsior Twello September 2021 - now Brass teacher principal education and blazersklas


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